Shortly after committing their lives to Jesus Christ, Roger & Shirley began singing with the The Blakely Singers to whom they will always be grateful for the opportunity of ministry they were provided. In 1972 they branched out on their own into an interdenominational ministry, and formed The Lighthouse Ministry In Song Gospel Music Group. Over the years they were blessed to have a number of musicians and singers as members of their group, each one having their own unique gifting, and playing a very special part.

In the early years of their ministry they recorded two albums with The Blakely Singers’. In 1974 they recorded their first Lighthouse Ministry In Song album, followed by seven more, the latest release in November 2000.

In 1997 the Lord opened a new door as Roger and Shirley began a husband & wife team ministry which has taken them across Canada, and into many exciting and challenging areas of ministry.

Home Church is Calvary Pentecostal. Participating in their home Church activities and ministries on a regular basis is very important to them. It is equally essential to have the support and encouragement of their Pastors as they travel.