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"Still Trusting" CD

He paid it all

Looking back with thanks

There is singing in the house of the redeemed.

He never runs out of love

There is no other refuge like You

"Still Trusting". We are incredibly pleased with this new recording. In July 2010 we were happy to release this album entitled "Still Trusting". Twelve wonderful selections will make you want to listen over and over again. Eight of the songs have been written by Shirley, along with a beautiful favourite hymn, and three other songs that help to tell our story of trusting the Lord. The theme that weaves it way throughout the album tells a story of forty-three years of God's faithfulness to us. Looking at this wonderful history in God, we can look forward with faith to everything God has in store for the future. Yes, we are still trusting.

"Still Singing" CD and Cassette


Who's on your side

Thank Him for the miracle.

Miracles I don't see

In February of 2006 this album was released, and quickly became a favourite. The album holds 13 songs, 8 of which were composed by Shirley. One of the songs entitled “Miracles I don't see” was nominated for “Southern Gospel Song of the Year 2006” by the Gospel Music Association Canada”. Another song that is a hit on this album is entitled “Masterpiece”. This song was recorded on an earlier album, and has been re-recorded on this project. It has quickly become a favourite again. It was chosen as “Traditional Song of the Year 1997” by the Gospel Music Association Canada. You are certain to enjoy this album..

"Sound of Grace" CD and Cassette

I Find Grace

Any Day Now

What we said we'd do.

This recording was released in November, 2002, and includes 10 songs, 8 of which where written by Shirley. This is a blend of new country/southern' gospel music. You are sure to be pleased with this album.

"Because Of The Cross" CD and Cassette

Because Of The Cross

Streams in the desert

Going Home

This recording was released in November 2000. This album includes 10 brand new songs in a blend of 'new country/southern' gospel music. All of the songs where written by Shirley, and we are very privileged to have the opportunity to share this ministry music. You will be sure to enjoy this new release.

"Healing Waters" CD and Cassette

We are gathered here

The builder of everything broken


This album, released in January of 1999 is composed of fourteen brand new praise and worship songs and choruses written and arranged by Shirley. As we share these refreshing and inspirational songs God is using the message of each one to minister encouragement and healing.

"In His Image" Cassette

This album was released in 1996. The album contains 10 all new original songs. Most of the songs were penned by Shirley. These songs have been arranged and recorded in a new country/traditional style of gospel music. This album was chosen as "Album of the Year 1997" by the Canadian Gospel Music Association. The CGMA also chose a song from this album entitled Unite Your Church as Canada's number one 'Traditional Song of the Year 1996', and the song Masterpiece, was chosen as Canada's number one 'Traditional Song of the Year 1997'.


This is a double CD with all of the songs from the "In His Image" recording and also CD includes seven of the songs from "The Feast of the Bride" recording as well.

"The Feast of the Bride" Cassette

Shepherd of Love

Released in 1994, the "Feast of the Bride" album was chosen by the Canadian Gospel
Music Association as Album of the Year 1995'. This album is a unique blend of new country and traditional Gospel music. Most of the songs on the album were written by Shirley Pavy, and the album features songs such as Shepherd of Love, The Feast of the Bride, and Jesus Believes in You.

"Lighthouse Country"

Lighthouse Country is sure to be a great blessing to all those who are country Gospel music fans. This album was released in 1996 and includes ten country Gospel favourites.
It features songs such as "The Lighthouse", a country Gospel classic and a favourite of almost everyone. The songs which have been included are a compilation of country Gospel music which has been recorded by The Lighthouse Ministry in Song over the years.

"Created Anew"

Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1978. Three of the songs on this album were written by Shirley, and together with the other songs chosen for the album, they create a blend of country and soft contemporary Gospel music. This album features a song entitled The Master's Creation, written by Shirley, and chosen by the Canadian Gospel Music Association as 'Song of the Year 1983'.