Rusty is a loveable little dog puppet, who loves to travel. He has been entertaining children (and adults as well) for the last 30 years. Rusty loves to tell Bible stories and sing gospel songs, although often, try as he may, he seems to lack the ability to tell a story correctly or remember the words to songs, but with a little help from Shirley and the children he is entertaining, he always gets back on track. Roger and Shirley have found that having the puppet along is a great way to get a Bible story across to children, and in fact, to anyone in the crowd. Even though Rusty may sometimes get the story backwards, or the words of the song mixed up, often doing things with silly antics, he always makes amends, encouraging all to trust in Jesus. If you would like to have something for children, Roger and Shirley often provide a short puppet presentation along with their music ministry.

Sunday school presentations vary in length, from 15 minutes to an hour, and are often provided when The Lighthouse Ministry In Song is ministering in music at a Church or a gathering. Programming consists of songs, flannelgraph stories, bible quizzes, puppets, and short animated movies.